Riley was our family’s first therapy dog and has the same grandpa and grandma as Welby. Riley and Dee visited at Minneapolis and St. Paul area hospitals and attended many events. In 2015, Riley became the first trauma dog on call for Fairview Lakes Hospital. Riley was mellow and loved people and he had a special way of making everyone feel comfortable in the hospital, during a very stressful time in their lives. He knew when someone was feeling not well or sad. Riley was great working with the hospital staff when patients had a tough time waking up after surgery. Riley would visit the ICU units and lick the patients hands and bare feet to wake them up. It worked most of the time.

Riley loved to go to baseball games and cheer on his favorite person in the whole world, Dan Buehner. He never took his eyes off Dan while Dan was playing baseball. Riley and Dan are now in heaven together having fun chasing baseballs. Both left this earth way too soon. God had other plans for them.

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